Supporting adults with Intellectual Disabilities in the community

AmeriServe's team members guide adults with intellectual disabilities as they build community connections. Transitioning to a life of less dependence can bring challenges to persons with special needs. Being present and participating in your communities enhances respect, increases choices and offers fulfilling lifestyles.

The AmeriServe Experience

  • Intellectual Disabilities should not limit lifestyle choices
  • We understand the obstacles and frustrations you face living the life you want.
  • AmeriServe provides services in safe, secure, single family homes, where you will gain social connections as a member in your community.
  • AmeriServe offers individual care plans, choices and coaching that help you become less depenedent and achieve the life you desire.

Do you desire a safe place to live where you are accepted and heard, with the capability of living the life you want? A supportive team that believes in you puts you in control of your life.

The AmeriServe Way can guide you in fulfilling your life plan.

Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: We meet with you and your team, get to know you and find out your needs.

Step 2: We help you choose a program that makes you feel safe, supported and connected. We set individualized goals to prepare you for success.

Step 3: We celebrate your success as you build skills and confidence, creating the life you want.

Residential Services

24-hour supervision, support and coaching

Day Habilitation

Volunteer, explore community, establish connections

Less Than 24 Hour Services

Less than 24-hour services plus lifestyle coaching


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