Who qualifies for services with AmeriServe?

Individuals must have a diagnosis of intellectual disabilities, be 18 years or older and be on the ID Waiver program.

How does AmeriServe help individuals with difficult behaviors?

AmeriServe has highly skilled employees. They are trained in conflict resolution and de-escalation techniques. These trainings are done yearly to best support the individuals we serve.

What makes AmeriServe different from other providers?

AmeriServe offers person-centered plans for each individual we serve. We believe in coaching over telling and self-awareness over unconscious behaviors.

AmeriServe sees you as an individual. We guide you to self-discovery and advocate for you to live the life you want and the goals you wish to accomplish.

AmeriServe offers three levels of care: Residential Services, Lead On Program and Supported Community Living Services. We have a Day Habilitation program that offers services to individuals in our programs as well as community-based individuals.

What happens if, later on, you decide that AmeriServe is not the right fit?

At AmeriServe, we do our best to get you transitioned into our services. If later on, you find that AmeriServe is not the right fit, we will assist you in finding a different provider and continue to provide services until that time.

Do we help you find housing?

At AmeriServe, we try to find the best home that fits your specific needs. Housing can be expensive, which is why we partner with a non-profit called “AmeriServe Housing” to help spread out moving costs and housing expenses so you can manage them.

  • AmeriServe Housing offers an array of houses that are available for AmeriServe Residential Services.
  • Lead-On and Hourly Services will help you find an apartment or house that best fits your needs and budget.
Do we offer Rep-Payee service?

We offer Representative Payee Services if we provide Residential, Lead-On or Hourly Services to you.

What are our office hours?

Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM. The office is closed on weekends and major holidays.