Less Than 24-Hour Services

Provides lifestyle coaching to increase your presence and participation in your community.

  • Our Transition Services (Lead-On) provides daily support designed for your specific needs as you continue to learn and grow.
  • 15-minute Supported Community Living Service (Hourly) provides guidance that helps increase your confidence when choosing the lifestyle you desire while adapting to independent living in the community.

Less than 24-hour Services includes personal finance management, assistance with meal prep and cooking, medication monitoring and appointment assistance. Team members promote health social skills by offering choices with social gatherings, volunteering and fun recreational activities.

Take the opportunity of our Less Than 24-Hour Services to reduce frustration and live a lifestyle of purpose and pleasure through coaching and guided self-discovery.

I feel like I got my life controlled.

They are nice, friendly, and everything!

We get to work together and go shopping together.